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Sell your house quicker in 8 easy steps

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Sell your house quicker in 8 easy steps

If you have decided to sell your property and you want to attract new buyers, there are few easy tricks that will help you increase the values of your house and sell it faster.

Start with the painting

A fresh layer of paint will give you more appealing look than if you have remodeled all your house and changed all furniture. Even if you have recently dyed walls, even slightest scratch or wear can give a bad impression to potential buyers. If your choice of colors is little unusual, you may want to change it because it may limit the interest of potential buyers.Interior-Home-Painting

Change the lighting

If you have some outdated lighting fixtures, you will need to replace them immediately. Vintage is not in and it isn’t something that most buyers want to see. You don’t need to break your bank account for this, just go to regular craft store and choose more modern lightning.

Clean your house from the mess

CleaningIt is important to clean your house from all unnecessary things and make it more presentable to future buyers. You don’t want to create a chaotic atmosphere when someone is there looking around. First, go through your closets and arrange them, through away everything you don’t wear anymore. If you have mismatched or damaged furniture it may be the best to put them away, or store them. Remember, the more mess you have inside your home, the smaller it will look like.

Bathroom sells the house

This is true, but don’t invest money in the whole renovation, you can just change what’s outdated because these renovations are known to be costly. You can change some things in your bathroom to give it a new look. For example, give your wall fresh new look with a white layer of paint, or you can change ceramic titles, buy a new light or a new shower curtain, bath mat or vanity set, whatever you decide that will give more attractive look to your bathroom.

Leading Los Angeles, real estate agent suggests that curtains must go

If you have ten years old curtain on your windows, take them down immediately. Your house needs more natural light and if you aren’t concerned with a privacy, you can buy plain cotton or linen drapes. Your space and rooms will look bigger and you will achieve a more modern design of your house.

Place more mirrors

mirror1With the help of mirrors, smaller rooms will appear bigger. Darker space will look brighter and attractive mirror can come as a handy accessory.

Improve the look of your porch

The first thing a potential buyer will notice is your porch if it looks messy and untidy it will give them bad vibe on the whole house. Try to update the hardware on your porch, for example: buy a new doorknocker and bell, doorknob, replace mailbox and kick plate.

Give your porch a new lightning

Since you updated the look of your porch, give it a new lighting, if one is needed. They don’t need to match, just choose something that will give it more sophisticated look.

How to choose a proper home for you?

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How to choose a proper home for you?

Statistics show that 99% of people start their purchase on the Internet. This is probably the biggest transaction they will ever make. When you finish with this successfully from the start the only thing left is for you to enjoy in your new home. Sometimes buying a house may seem like a changing task because of all regulation and laws, but when you read this article we hope it will make it a little easier for you.

It is important to have a good real estate agent who will help you in search and represent you in negotiation. In a conversation, an agent should be open, interested in your situation, confident, relaxed and qualified for the position he’s performing. Find about his methods and experience, you should hire a real estate agent who is local, has a full-time job and managed to sell at least several properties during a year and he’s known for being busy.3

Real estate’s agent job is to connect people who are buying and selling a property. With a help of his experience, the right real estate agent will know to recognize the right house for the particular buyer. You should choose one who is neighborhood oriented because he will point you out on what to avoid. When you find real estate agent be open with him, tell him from the start what house do you want, for example, how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms and also on what he should pay extra attention.

You may decide to use MLS alert service in order to look for the properties in your area. This service will give you an idea what’s currently on the market and what price range you should expect. You can ask your agent to do this for you as well. On the other hand, you shouldn’t explore you real estate agent if you are not sure that he will represent you, after all, they all get paid after the sale is closed.

Investing-in-Real-Estate-Beat-the-CrowdSearch for the house that is within your budget. Most financial experts advise that you mustn’t give on the loan more than 38% of your monthly income. On the Internet, you can find many helpful loan calculators which can help you determine how much you will be actually paying. You should review your current status, calculate all your costs and you will know how much money you can spare on the loan.

Decide what type of a house do you really want. We all have some starting point, but when you get into details, that’s where the problems start. First of all, are you single or do you have a family, this will determine how big of your house will be. What kind of compromises are you willing to make, do you want a house that has a safe neighborhood and is near the schools, or do you want a house that has a big backyard?

real_estate_search_shutterstock_125504042Choose a location where would you like to live. The location will determine a price but sometimes is best to give little more money for a house that has a good location, because afterward if you decide to sell it, it will be much easier.

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